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Personal Care Products

Health and beauty products designed to promote health, vitality, beauty, and overall good living.

Crystal Energy “Hunza Water”


When added to water Crystal Energy instantly turns water into a liquid crystal and more closely matches water surrounding the cells in the body. Our studies have shown that Crystal Energy helps to increase the flow of water and nutrients across cell membranes 2.54 times faster than ordinary water, increasing hydration of cells.

MegaHydrate Capsules


MegaHydrate is the key that unlocks the potential of water as the medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. In a state of dehydration, body cells cannot assimilate nutrients and remove waste and relief pain from conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Dehydration also occurs as a side effect of caffeine. Caffeine effects include anxiety, dizziness, headaches, sleep disorders, and many common ailments.

Bio-Chlor Liquid Greens Complex


Eniva Bio-Chlor+® Liquid Greens Complex is a specialized dietary blend of chlorophyll liquid supplements and body conditioning phytonutrients. This carefully designed Chlorophyll & Body Conditioner Formula focuses on supporting natural body conditioning and detoxifying pathways.*

Dapper Dan Matt Paste



  • Strong hold
  • Low shine
  • Vintage cologne scent
  • Water-based formula with all-day pliability
  • Volume: 3.4 oz / 100 mL
  • Made in England


LEA Classic Shaving Cream


The LEA CLASSIC shaving cream scented with Sandalwood and Moss is an exclusive blend of ingredients that produces with a shaving brush a rich lather that softens the beard and protect the most sensitive skin for an exceptional traditional wet shave.

Myrsol “Formula C” Aftershave Lotion


Embelished with top quality traditional products, “Formula C” after shave regenerates the epidermis, refreshes and repairs the skin after shaving, leaving the skin soft and toned.

It has a pleasant Lilac aroma with a light mint base.

Size: 180ml

Made in Spain

Products For The Home

Appliances kitchen aids, tools and home cleaning products, indoor air and water filter goods, salt crystal lamps, Candles and green products.


Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp

$69.99 $49.99

Magnificent piece. This lamp is our most popular special shape salt lamp. The bowl is made entirely of salt with additional loose chunks of salt within than can be arranged any manner you like. Feng-Shui practitioners are especially fond of this lamp.


Tribest Humio, HU-1020-A Humidifier & Night Lamp w/ Aroma Oil Compartment

$99.95 $89.95

Experience therapeutic aroma with newly enhanced Humio Humidifer 2 by Tribest Corp. Humio ultrasonic cool mist humidifier and night lamp from Tribest is the perfect solution to adding moisture to dry or heated air while adding ambiance and decor to any room in your home. Humio is safe and easy to use, easy to maintain, and is a cost effective way to reliably protect your family and home from the many physical discomforts and possible maintenance due to dry or heated air.


Tribest Sedona Express, SDE-S6780 Food Dehydrator with Stainless Steel Trays

$569.95 $499.95

The Tribest Sedona Express is the world’s first full-featured dehydrator with a compact, kitchen-friendly design. Use all 11-trays with the advanced TST feature to get the best results for all your dehydrating needs. From fruits and vegetables, to meats and crackers, the Sedona’s central single-fan technology ensures even airflow and rapid dehydration. The Tribest Sedona Express allows you to set the temperature and timer using its user-friendly all-digital controls; precision dehydration has never been so easy. Get all these features without sacrificing all the kitchen counter space.


Tribest Yolife, YL-210-A Yogurt Maker

$49.95 $44.95

Yolife is the fast and easy way to make fresh yogurt at home. In just 8-12 hours, Yolife can make up to 42 oz of nutritious yogurt from milk or soy milk in the convenient glass containers that are included. Or, you can choose to use your own larger containers to make up to 80 oz of yogurt at a time. Simply add milk or soy milk, active cultures, and your favorite flavorings to make delicious and creamy yogurt at home. Yolife maintains the optimal environment for the active cultures to quickly turn your milk or soymilk into nutritious yogurt filled with beneficial probiotics.


Tribest Soyabella, SB-130-B Soymilk & Nut Milk Maker

$129.95 $109.95

The Soyabella Soymilk Maker is the elegantly easy way to make fresh soymilk and a variety of other delicious recipes in your own kitchen. Simply add soybeans and water to the Soyabella Soymilk Maker and you get fresh soymilk in about 20 minutes. Soyabella is also great for making milk from a wide variety of beans, as well as for making fresh rice milk, rice paste, sesame paste, and porridge. It can even be used as a coffee grinder and mill by using included accessories. Plus, the Soyabella Soymilk Maker is extremely easy to clean.

eSpring® UV Water Purifier Below Counter Unit with Auxiliary Faucet Kit


This in-home water treatment system, with a patented carbon-block filter and UV light, effectively reduces potential health-effect impurities and effectively destroys microorganisms. This unit comes with the NEW ergonomically improved eSpring® Auxiliary Faucet Kit with signature logo at the base, a high-style design for the best modern kitchens.

Spiritual Products

 Incense, Essential Oils, Quartz Crystals, Jewelry, Burners, Tapestry and Bags,Bells and Chimes & so much more.

Flower of Life Pendant – Silver


An Excellent Tool for Healing

Fill your life with good health and a connection to the higher self
Solid Sterling Silver 925

Healthy Living Blog

We post ideas and help in our Healthy Living section from their experts on making a healthier living work for you.



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