Four 12-15 lbs. Salt Lamps Pack

$239.99 $191.99

Economical way of buying multiple 12-15 lbs. salt lamps. These big lamps will clean your air very effectively. This package is ideal for gift giving, lamp placement in larger rooms, and even artistic design.

Interior decorators have used our lamps, especially these bigger ones, to spread throughout living rooms and dining rooms. Placing lamps in corners or on pedestals and tables truly beautifies a home. They also purify the air at the same time.


Four 9-11 lbs. Salt Lamps Pack

$199.99 $159.99

This package saves you money. The 9-11 lbs. lamps are our best seller. This package allows you to get our most popular lamp at a discounted price. These lamps also make great gifts. Give them to friends and family or spread them throughout your home for cleaner air.


Two Bedrooms and One Family Room Salt Lamp Pack

$109.99 $87.99

This package not only saves you money, but it also simplifies the ionization process for the home. This pack will beautify and purify 2 bedrooms and 1 family room. It includes two 5-7 lbs. salt lamps and one 12-15 lbs. salt lamp.